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Enjoy your home for years to come. Wherever you are in your mobility journey, Savaria has the products to help make life easier.

We have thousands of installations around the world, backed by in-house engineering and R&D, North American manufacturing, and a network of local installers across Canada and the United States.

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You want to stay in the home you love. We can help make it happen. We are unique in our ability to provide better mobility throughout your home, and throughout your life. From stairlifts to wheelchair lifts, home elevators, through-the-floor lifts and ceiling lifts, we help you access and enjoy every level of your home—indoors and out—safely and independently.

We are the only company that offers this incredible range. We work with you, your family and your medical professionals (if desired) to tailor solutions to your home and lifestyle that meet your needs for today, and tomorrow.

Find the right mobility products for you. Talk to your local Savaria Home Access expert for a free assessment.

Our perfect-fit process for your curved stair chair lift

Do you have curved, spiral or even pie-shaped stairs? Live in a split-level home with intermittent landings? No problem. We custom make the rails for your curved stairlift to match the precise measurements of your stairs so you get a tight fit and the smoothest ride.

It’s all thanks to our unique PS4D photo measuring system.

Precision Measurement

Precision measurement

We do a complete digital scan of your staircase

See Before You Buy

See before
you buy

View a 3D render of your stairlift on your stairs

Fabrication in North America

Fabrication in North America

Custom-made rail using the measurement data from PS4D

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Our residential stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and elevators are made to the same standards as our commercial accessibility equipment

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As an acknowledged world leader in commercial accessibility, engineering is in our DNA. And we apply the same rigorous R&D process and manufacturing standards to every stairlift, wheelchair lift, elevator and patient care product we make for your home.

In fact, many of the models we offer for residential applications are the exact same as the ones you’ll find in public spaces—like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, stadiums, restaurants and places of worship.

What does that mean for you? A safe, robust and reliable lift that’s engineered to perform day-in, day-out for years.

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