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From home elevators to ceiling lifts

Our broad portfolio delivers better mobility for life

Whether you’re looking to future-proof for aging-in-place with a home elevator or a caregiver assisting a loved one with everyday living, we have an array of options to suit your home and your lifestyle.

As a leader in accessibility and mobility, with a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, we push our in-house engineering and R&D teams to consistently develop products that look better, perform better, install faster and last longer.

Our North American manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance programs deliver on the promise. Savaria products are only installed and maintained by our broad network of authorized dealers with trained technicians who ensure your finished product truly meets your needs for years to come.


Age in Style

Enjoy the comfort & convenience of your own home elevator

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Ceiling lifts

Take some of the stress and strain out of being an in-home caregiver

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Innovative mobility

From our in-house engineering and R&D to North American manufacturing

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Qualified experts

Trust our network of local dealers to install your Savaria product                        

Explore the possibilities to make your home more convenient and more comfortable

Aging in place

93% of Americans say they want to stay in their home as they age. But only 34% of respondents say their home definitely has the features they need to do that successfully. The Savaria portfolio helps make aging-in-place possible.

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Accessibility at home

Whether you need a little mobility help, or full wheelchair accessibility across multiple levels of your home, we offer stylish and reliable solutions at a variety of price-points, from the utmost in luxury to the most practical tools.

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Taking care of caregivers

There are nearly 43.5 million family caregivers in America. The physical demands can take a toll, especially when duties include lifting and helping with mobility. Our suite of in-home patient care products help ease the burden.

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Discover other Savaria products that can help your in-home mobility

Savaria Home Elevators

Savaria home elevator benefits

Traditional or futuristic: We offer everything from detailed conventional cabs to panoramic glass to fully custom jobs

As you like it: Choose from a wide range of models, colors, fixtures and finishes to get the exact look you want

Code compliant: All of our home elevators meet ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code Section 5.3 – Private Residential Elevators

Get luxury and convenience today with barrier-free living tomorrow. With basic maintenance, a Savaria home elevator is built to last and add value for years to come. That’s why we have thousands of installations around the world.

Savaria Telecab17 Through-Floor Lift

Through-the-floor lift benefits

No hoistway: Get a self-contained lift without the expense and fuss that comes with building an elevator shaftway

Wheelchair accessible: Choose from 500 lb or 850 lb capacity to easily accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair

Modern and sleek: Standard light gray frame finish and acrylic panels make our through-floor lifts a stylish addition to your home

A space-saving and innovative mobility solution that simply rises and “vanishes” through a floor cut-out. Perfect for convenient and accessible travel between two floors in your home without giving up useable living space to an elevator shaftway.


Savaria ceiling lift benefits

Take care of yourself: Reduce the risk of strain and injuries from lifting, transferring or repositioning your loved one

Increase safety: Our ceiling lifts products are designed to help decrease the prevalence of injuries from falls and other mishaps

Improve mental health: Studies show both patients and caregivers report stress reduction and emotional benefits

Safety, affordability and peace of mind. It’s the lift we give when you can’t. Designed with caregivers in mind, we manufacture a complete line that includes portable and fixed ceiling lifts.

Handicare Mobile Floor Lift

Savaria home care mobility aids benefits

Reduce the risk of strain and injuries: Lighten the load when lifting, transferring or repositioning your loved one

Increase dignity: Heighten independence and feelings of self-reliance

Accelerate rehab: Strengthen muscles and restore functionality, safely and securely


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