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Best wheelchair lift for: Travel over stairs with curves or landings

Capacity: 660 lb (USA), 550 lb (Canada)

Configuration options: 90-degree or straight-through entry/exit

Outdoor use: Yes. Suitable for gardening zones 6-10 (USA), 5-7 (Canada)

Travel distance: 164' (50 m)

Drive: 1 hp (0.75 kW), 3hp (2.2 kW) over 30 m

Platform sizes available (standard):
• 30.5" x 49.2" (775 x 1250 mm)
• 28.3" x 35.4" (720 x 900 mm)

Warranty: 36 months parts. View warranty info.

Savaria Omega Curved Inclined Wheelchair Lift

Staircase wheelchair access around curves and across landings

Need to take your wheelchair to every level of your home, but you have curved stairs, or stairs with landings, directional changes or multiple levels? The Savaria Omega can be an ideal solution and makes a great retrofit option as it requires minimal construction or modification to your home.

Installed along the side of the stairs with its own rail system and stanchions, it’s flexible for either inside or outside curves. The Savaria Omega can be used in many different settings, including very tight turning radius configurations. Because this lift handles turns, it can also be built with hideaway parking when not in use.

The Omega is a popular option for public buildings looking to provide accessibility indoors or out. And because we manufacture the Omega for your home to the same quality standards for reliability, you can rest assured your new wheelchair lift will provide years of solid, dependable service.

The nuts and bolts

The Savaria Omega offers a sleek design in standard light grey or optional galvanized (outdoor), or optional stainless-steel platform and/or rail (indoor only) finish. Its space-saving design with a foldaway and optional out-of-the-way parking harmonizes with any home’s design.

Standard features include easy-to-use constant-pressure controls to move the lift up and down, a straight-through, power-folding platform, a pedestrian warning light and movement alarm, pendant control, and a fold-down seat with 330 lb (150 kg) capacity.

Get a perfect fit for your wheelchair lift

Get a perfect fit for your wheelchair lift

The rail system for every Omega is custom made right here in North America to the exact specifications of the home so you always get a perfect fit and the smoothest ride.

We use our revolutionary Savaria PS4D photo measuring system to take precise measurements of your stairs. Every step, every turn and every landing. Your local Savaria Home Access dealer may even be able to use the system to show you how your Omega will look on your stairs before you place your order!

We then take the data gathered from PS4D and create a computer-aided drawing, or CAD at our North American manufacturing facility, where your rails are produced to the exact specifications of your staircase.

Optional configurations:

  • Vertical bend
  • Steep start
  • 90-degree turn (inside curve, outside curve)
  • 180-degree turn (inside curve)
  • Special bends
Safety round the bends

Safety round the bends

The Savaria Omega comes with standard safety features that include:

  • Sensor system on the platform to stop the lift if it meets an obstruction
  • Non-skid platform with side safety flaps
  • Overspeed governor
  • Manual lowering device
  • Power folding safety arms
  • Keyed access for call stations to prevent unauthorized use
  • Emergency stop button

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