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Service & Repair

Keep your Savaria product in tip-top shape

Just like your car or your furnace, your Savaria product will perform its best with regular maintenance.

The Savaria Home Access expert who installed your product is the best resource for maintenance and repair work. In fact, if your product is still under warranty, only the dealer who sold the original product can service the unit.

Don’t worry if you don’t know—or can’t remember—who installed your Savaria product. Call 1.888.333.5023 and we can look it up for you from the serial number on your unit.

If you need repairs on a product that’s no longer under warranty, call 1.888.333.5023 for information on local dealers in your area who can provide service.

Savaria products are technical and not suitable for DIY installation or repair. We only provide technical support and parts to authorized Savaria dealers.

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Warranty Information

Most of our products are covered by a 36-month parts warranty. Ask your local Savaria Home Access expert for details, or call us at 1.888.333.5023.

Older Products

Need service on a non-current Savaria or Handicare branded product?
Call 1.888.333.5023.

Owners’ Manuals

Your Savaria Home Access expert will provide you with an owner’s manual for your product at the time of installation. If you need a replacement, call 1.888.333.5023.