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Whether you need a little mobility help, or have more advanced needs, we have a straight stairlift to fit your home and your lifestyle.

Our combined portfolio of Savaria and Handicare models means you have more choice without sacrificing quality. And we engineer and manufacture our stair lifts to the highest standards for safety and reliability.

From simple solutions to innovative new technologies, our straight stairlifts offer a variety of styles, power upgrades, seat options and even outdoor-use models. And thanks to our extensive network of authorized Home Access experts, you can have your new stairlift up and running in no time. The installation process often only takes a few hours, giving you robust, reliable mobility with minimal fuss.


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Get a chair lift for your stairs that packs a powerful mobility punch with these upgrade options

Slide track

Ideal for homes with doorways at the bottom of the stairs that may be blocked by the stair lift track. Slide track automatically retracts when the stairlift moves up and extends when the stairlift moves down, reducing potential trip hazards.

Straight Products Upgrade SLIDE Track

Power swivel

Perfect for those with balance challenges or hip problems, our power swivel automatically rotates the seat of your stair lift 80 degrees away from the stairs for an easier, safer, more comfortable time getting on and off the stairlift.

Straight Stairlift Upgrade Options Swivel

Power folding footrest

Using your stairlift shouldn’t be a pain in the back! Protect joints and reduce the risk of strain and pain from repetitive movements. Our optional automatic footrest allows you to fold and unfold the footrest without having to bend down.

Straight Products Upgrade FOOTREST Auto


Find the right stair lift for you. Talk to your local Savaria Home Access expert for a free assessment.

Explore our straight stairlift portfolio

We offer the broadest portfolio of straight stairlifts on the market, so we’re sure to have a model that fits your home and your lifestyle. All come standard with safety features like seatbelts, anti-slip footrests, obstruction sensors that stop the chair lift if it encounters an obstacle on the stairs, swivel seats to help you get on and off the lift safely and battery powered to ensure you can use your stair lift during a power outage.

Your local Savaria Home Access expert can provide a free, no-obligation assessment and help you pick the best stairlift to enjoy for years to come.

Best stairlift for: Flexible mobility, for today and tomorrow

Capacity: up to 310 lb

Power options: Power footrest, power swivel, slide track

Outdoor package: No

Welcome to next-generation technology. Our patented multi-drive system eliminates the traditional geared tooth rack for a sleeker, cleaner look. You get a quieter, smoother, more robust stairlift that’s easier to maintain and can operate at peak long term with no reduction in performance.

Savaria Straight Stairlift K2

Best stairlift for: Narrow staircases

Capacity: 350 lb

Power options: None

Outdoor package: Yes

Perfect for narrow staircases, the K2 offers one of the slimmest fold-up dimensions on the market at only 10.75″. The smooth riding rack-and-pinion drive and stylish seat with arms that are adjustable up to 20″ wide mean you always ride in complete comfort.

Savaria K2 Plus Straight Stairlift

Best stairlift for: High-capacity accessibility

Capacity: 400 lb

Power options: None

Outdoor package: No

Strong and steady, the K2 Plus stairlift effortlessly carries individuals up to 400 lb for home use with our Plus seat. It’s so durable and reliable, it’s often installed in public buildings, so you know it will give you years of service in your home.


Best stairlift for: Advanced mobility assistance

Capacity: 350 - 440 lb

Power options: Power footrest, power swivel

Outdoor package: Yes

Our feature-filled straight stairlift features a slim, aluminum track with a hidden gear rack for a streamlined look. Choose from a wide variety of seat options and colors, including our innovative Perch seat that’s perfect for those with knee and hip pain.


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