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As an accessibility industry leader, we offer a wide range of vertical platform and inclined platform wheelchair lifts—for both indoor and outdoor use—that are designed and manufactured for use in public buildings ranging from places of worship and medical offices to schools, stadiums and transit stations.

Those exact same models are available for your home, so you know they will be safe and reliable for many years.

Your Savaria wheelchair lift incorporates years of product innovation and the experience that goes with thousands of installations around the world.

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An unrivaled selection of enclosed, unenclosed and inclined lifts


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Vertical platform lifts

A vertical platform wheelchair lift moves straight up and down, and in residential applications it is often used as a porch lift or deck lift to provide access into and out of a home from the ground level to the main floor of the house. They are most commonly unenclosed, although some come with a factory-built enclosure. They can even be installed in a hoistway inside the home instead of an elevator. Wheelchair Explanation Wheelchair products

Inclined platform lifts

Like a stairlift for your wheelchair! An inclined platform wheelchair lift is designed to carry a passenger in a wheelchair up or down a flight of stairs. There are two main types: straight run for use over a single flight of straight stairs, or curved, which include custom made rails to travel up and down stairs with multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings.

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Easy operation

Every Savaria wheelchair lift is designed to be easy to use. Whether inclined or vertical platform, all wheelchair lifts use constant pressure operation—you have to hold the button to make the lift move up or down for added safety.

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Not sure which wheelchair lift is right for you? Talk to your local Savaria Home Access expert for a free assessment.

Discover wheelchair lifts from the global leader

When you chose a Savaria lift, you’re working with a recognized leader in the realm of accessibility, with thousands and thousands of wheelchair lift installations around the world. Engineered by our ace R&D team and assembled right here in North America, our wheelchair lifts are only installed by trained and authorized Savaria dealers. Talk to your local Savaria Home Access expert for a free, no-obligation assessment and help you pick the best wheelchair lift to enjoy for years to come.

Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift

Best wheelchair lift for: Porch lift and deck lift applications

Capacity: 750 lb

This robust vertical platform lift is our most popular porch lift / deck lift model. Its ACME screw drive is tough, so it’s rated for use outdoors in almost any climate—we even have some installations in northern Canada! The Multilift requires limited construction and is installed on a concrete pad at ground level.

Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

Best wheelchair lift for: Versatility

Capacity: 750 lb

The V-1504 is a highly customizable lift, available in both enclosed and unenclosed models and multiple configurations. Perfect for greater travel distances, the hydraulic drive has a nominal speed of 20 ft/min. The enclosure model features corrosion-resistant materials and a top dome with active ventilation system.

Savaria Delta Straight Inclined Platform Lift

Best wheelchair lift for: Travel over straight stairs

Capacity: 550 lb

The Delta provides wheelchair access over straight stairs along a modular guide rail system. When not in use, it folds up tight to the wall, leaving lots of room for access to the stairs. The Delta is great for retrofits as it requires minimal construction, and battery backup means it will operate in a power failure.

Savaria Omega Curved Inclined Wheelchair Lift

Best wheelchair lift for: Travel over stairs with curves or landings

Capacity: 660 lb (USA), 550 lb (Canada)

For stairs with landings, directional changes, multiple levels, or curves, the Savaria Omega is ideal. Perfect for retrofits, it’s installed with its own rail system and stanchions, so the modular design can be installed for any number of levels and either inside or outside curves. Ask about hideaway parking options.


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