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Whether you’re looking to make your home ready to age-in-place, you need to make your space wheelchair accessible, you’re looking to make your day-to-day caregiving tasks easier and safer, or you want to upgrade your home by adding a home elevator, it’s OK to have questions. We have answers. Explore our FAQ pages to learn more. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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We are a global leader in accessibility and mobility. For over 30 years, Savaria has designed and manufactured products that make homes, businesses, public spaces and even vehicles more accessible. We have over 2,200 employees around the world including 50 staff in R&D dedicated to creating new products and innovations.

We have manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and China, we can reach global markets and build to meet the needs of specific customer requirements.

Learn more about our company history here. For investor information, click here.

Savaria Corporation acquired the Handicare Group in 2021. Prior to the acquisition, Handicare was also a global leader in mobility, designing and manufacturing innovative stairlift and patient care products.

Today, the Handicare team and products are united with the Savaria family and line-up of accessibility solutions. By joining together, we are able to offer you, our customers, more choice, more innovation and more peace of mind knowing you’re working with a truly world-class organization for your mobility needs.

Read the Handicare acquisition press release here.

Our products are only installed and serviced by authorized Savaria dealers. These independent companies are factory trained on installing our products properly to ensure your safety and the reliable performance of your lift or elevator. Where required in their jurisdiction, they also hold the requisite certifications and licenses needed to meet local standards.

Our dealer network in North America is over 1000 strong and growing.

Contact us to get connected to your local Savaria Home Access expert, who can also advise you on any building code and permitting requirements, as well as potential funding sources in your area.

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Savaria lifts are complex engineered products and are not suitable for do-it-yourself projects. Incorrect installation and/or repair work may make your lift unsafe and could cause a serious injury. It may also void your warranty—and even adversely impact your home insurance policy!

That’s why we do not sell our products or parts directly to end-users. We want you to stay safe and enjoy the use of your lift for years to come.

Leave lift installation and service to the experts. Contact us to get connected to one near you.

Your first step is to contact the Savaria Home Access expert who installed your lift or elevator. They are in the best position to troubleshoot any issues and perform any required repairs.

If you do not know—or cannot remember—which Savaria dealer installed your product, that’s OK! Give us a call at 1.888.333.5023 and our customer service team can look it up for you based on the serial number on your unit.

Remember, stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, home elevators and patient care lifts are not suitable for DIY repairs, even if you are handy! Only trained and qualified technicians should conduct maintenance and repair work on these products.

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