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Best stairlift for: Durability and reliability

Capacity: 300 lb standard, 350 lb high capacity

Power options: None

Upgrade options: Commercial package

Outdoor package: No

Folded profile: 16.25"

Minimum track to wall: 6"

Remote controls: Two provided

Warranty: 36 months parts. View warranty info.

Approved for commercial applications where permitted by local code. Consult your Savaria Home Access expert for details.

Savaria Stairfriend 23 Twin-Rail Curved Stairlift

For every type of staircase

Think your staircase is too complicated for a stairlift? Think again! No matter what shape your staircase takes, the Savaria Stairfriend 23 can tackle the climb. Engineered by our global R&D team to be as robust as our commercial accessibility products—the Stairfriend even offers a commercial package—you’ll be sure to enjoy years of reliable service.

Thanks to our proprietary precision Savaria PS4D photo measuring technology and custom fabrication capabilities right here in North America, you’ll always get a perfect fit and a smooth ride. Available in a standard capacity model that uses fewer support posts for a cleaner look on your stairs, and a high-capacity version that can accommodate up to 350 lb.

It’s complicated. Or is it?

Many staircases feature an intermediate landing that may also involve a change in direction of the stairs. That’s why the Stairfriend 23 can be easily configured to travel at virtually any angle to follow the path of your stairs. The travel rail can even be mounted close to the wall on self-support posts, or alongside the railing.

Spiral or curved stairs can be complex to measure accurately by hand, but with our Savaria PS4D photo measuring system, no curves are too challenging. That means you get a perfect fit, and installation is very efficient.

Now you see it…No really!

Now you see it…No really!

Your local Savaria Home Access expert can show you a 3D image of what your new Stairfriend 23 will look like on your stairs—even before you place your order! You can even preview your choice of seat and any parking features you wish to add.

But that’s just an added bonus of our revolutionary PS4D system. Its primary purpose is to take incredibly exact measurements of your stairs. That data then goes to our North American manufacturing facility where your rails are custom made to the particular specifications and measurements of your stairs.

Installation of your stairlift can take between a few hours and a full day, depending on your stairs. Your dealer will also show you how to use your Stairfriend in a few easy steps to ensure you’re comfortable and confident.

Your comfort is a priority

Your comfort is a priority

With the Stairfriend 23, you can choose from two comfortable, durable and easy-cleaning seats. The L seat features width-adjustable arms up to 21.5″ wide, while the V seat arms adjust up to 20.5″ wide, but offers a deeper seat with an adjustable height up to 35.67″.

The ergonomic toggle controls in the armrest make operating your Stairfriend 23 easy as pie, while built-in charging at top and bottom landings means you can use your stair chair several times during a power failure. Now that’s reliability!

Designed with safety in mind

Designed with safety in mind

The Stairfriend 23 comes with all the safety features you’d expect on a model that’s also approved for use in public buildings.

  • Swivel and lock seat for safer transfer on and off
  • Retractable seat belt, with optional extra-long seatbelt or 5-point harness
  • Anti-slip footrest
  • Obstacle sensor system on the carriage and footrest to stop the unit if it meets an obstacle
  • LED status light on unit to advise of any issues
  • Overspeed governor
  • Keyless access, emergency stop button on chair for commercial applications

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