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Best wheelchair lift for: Versatility

Capacity: 750 lb

Configuration options: Same-side, straight-through or 90º entry and exit

Outdoor use: Yes, for almost all gardening zones in North America

Commercial package: Yes, ask about ADA-compliant upgrades

Travel distance: Up to 4 stops over 23' of travel (code permitting)

Drive: Chain hydraulic, 3 hp (2.2 kW), gear-type motor

Platform sizes available (standard):
• 36" x 48" (914 mm x 1219 mm)
• 36" x 54" (914 mm x 1371 mm)
• 36" x 60" (914 mm x 1524 mm)
• Custom sizes up to 42" x 60" (1067 mm x 1524 mm)

Warranty: 36 months parts. View warranty info.

Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

When you want versatility and good looks

The Savaria V-1504 is an incredibly versatile and flexible wheelchair lift that is equally at home at your house or in the lobby of a Fortune 500 company. Available in enclosed, unenclosed and even shaftway models and a variety of platform sizes and entry-exit configurations, the V-1504 can carry a wheelchair and passenger up to 4 stops over 23′ of travel (code permitting), with a 750 lb capacity.

With the V-1504, you get a quiet and reliable hydraulic drive for a smooth start, stop and overall ride that works dependably whether indoors or out—including in less temperate climates. It features an enclosed drive system that means no machine room is required, saving space and making the installation process easier.

Every V-1504 we make for residential use meets the exact same quality standards we put into units being installed for public use. And did you know its combination of reliability, versatility and good looks makes the V-1504 our most popular vertical platform lift among architects and specifiers working on commercial building projects?

Beautiful wheelchair accessibility

While the V-1504 comes standard in a blend-in beige, you can customize your lift with almost any paint color in gloss, semi gloss or textured finishes. The enclosed model finish options include frameless glass for a sleek touch of class.

For the ultimate in luxury, the V-1504 Prestige is built from half-inch structural tempered glass with no visible frame, while the V-1504 Lux is an enclosed lift beautifully framed in stainless steel with glass inserts.

The V-1504 is engineered to look great and perform brilliantly in both indoor and outdoor applications. The enclosed model includes an optional domed, ventilated roof for outdoor use, to protect the lift and its users from the elements in almost any climate zone.

Safe and easy operation

Safe and easy operation

The V-1504 boasts a 20 ft/min hydraulic drive system operated by constant pressure controls. There are multiple platform sizes available to suit your needs, and the lift can be configured for same-side, straight-through or 90º entry and exit.

Safety is a key element of your vertical platform lift, so the V-1504 comes complete with standard features such as:

  • Emergency stop button on car
  • Manual lowering device
  • 421/8 (1070 mm) side panels
  • Keyed car buttons and keyed call stations
  • Safety brake
  • Door locks


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