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Best wheelchair lift for: Porch lift and deck lift applications

Capacity: 750 lb

Configuration options: 90-degree or straight-through entry/exit

Outdoor use: Yes, for almost all gardening zones in North America

Commercial package: Yes*, ask about ADA-compliant upgrades

Travel distance: Up to 2 stops or 48" (USA), 72" (Canada)

Drive: ACME screw drive and back-up nut, 1 hp, relay logic controller

Platform sizes available (standard):
• 34" x 48" (863 mm x 1219 mm)
• 34" x 54" (863 mm x 1371 mm)
• 34" x 60" (863 mm x 1524 mm)
• Optional: 36" (914 mm) and 42" (1067 mm) wide platforms

Warranty: 36 months parts. View warranty info.

*Not available for commercial use in Ontario

Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift

The workhorse porch lift

If you’re looking for easy access for your front porch or back deck, look no further. The Savaria Multilift is a robust and reliable solution, capable of years of outdoor service–through rain, snow and sleet (always talk to your Savaria Home Access expert to confirm suitability for your local climate).

With its self-enclosed drive tower, your Multilift requires minimal construction, so your Savaria Home Access expert can install it quickly and efficiently. That means you can enjoy your garden or backyard BBQ, or get out to work, school or dinner with friends right away.

Designed by a recognized leader in commercial accessibility, we’ve developed and manufacture every Multilift for residential use to the same exacting standards for quality, reliability and safety you can find on our world-renowned commercial wheelchair lifts.

How does this wheelchair lift work?

The Multilift features an ACME screw drive with precision movement and strength for day-to-day use. With a standard capacity of 750 lb, it comes with a non-skid, zinc-coated platform in three standard platform sizes and has a maximum travel distance of 48″ to 72″ (depending on local code), with a nominal travel speed of 8 ft/min.

It offers easy operation through continuous pressure controls with keyed access on car and call stations to prevent unauthorized use. And the 16″ automatic access ramp makes it easy to roll on and off the unit.

Safety features you can rely on

Safety features you can rely on

The Savaria Multilift has safety engineered into every unit, including:

  • Emergency stop button on car
  • Underpan obstruction sensors
  • Non-skid platform
  • Manual lowering crank
  • 42.125″ side panels
  • Keyed cab buttons and keyed call stations
  • Automatic access ramps
  • Backup nut and backup nut safety switch
  • Optional Savaria Link system for troubleshooting and lift technician diagnostics

A solid flush landing gate with lock is required for all commercial applications and travel above 24″ (Canada) and 30″ (USA) in residential applications.

Choice by design

Choice by design

The Multilift is made to blend in with its surroundings, with standard beige powder-coat paint. Choose from aluminum, acrylic or glass gate inserts.

Want to make it stand out? Choose a custom color to complement your home’s exterior, or even your garden’s color scheme.

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