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If your stairs feature pie-shaped stairs, landings or any change of direction, a curved stairlift is a great solution to eliminate the worry of using the stairs. The Savaria line up of curved stairlifts gives you a choice of features to suit your mobility needs and your staircase.

With our proprietary PS4D photo measuring system, you can see how the stairlift will look on your stairs – before you place an order! This industry leading tool also delivers precise measurements for fabrication of the stairlift rail in our North American factory. That means your stairlift is built to perfectly fit your staircase.

Together, Savaria and Handicare model stairlifts offer a wide range of styles, features and upgrade options to suit your requirements and preferences. We offer single-rail and twin-rail curved stairlifts as well as outdoor-use models.

With a worldwide reputation for robust and reliable accessibility products, we are proud to have installed hundreds of thousands of stairlifts around the world. It would be our pleasure to make one for you.

Savaria Stairlift CURVED - Top - Custom Made

Custom made

Each curved stairlift we produce is precisely tailored to the home

Savaria Stairlift CURVED - Top - SeIt Before

See before you buy

Our photo measuring tool lets you preview your lift on your stairs

Savaria Stairlift CURVED - Top - PowerUpgrades

Upgrade options

Enhance mobility with power options to make using your lift easier

CURVED - Top - Local Expertise

Local know-how

Our curved stairlifts are installed by qualified local technicians

Why take chances? Preview your stairlift before you buy it

CURVE - Why - take - chances - senior living near me

With the Savaria PS4D photo measuring system, you don’t need to guess what the lift will look like on your stairs. You can preview what the stairlift will look like on your stairs at no cost to you during a home assessment.
Want to see the double rail or the single rail? Try brown rail rather than grey? See the Smart seat or the Style seat? You can see your selections at the touch of a button. Feel comfortable with your selections before you place your order.
The PS4D is just one of the many innovations we’ve invested in to make your life more accessible.

Our perfect fit process for your curved stair chair

Home assessment and measuring

Our expert will visit your home to do precision photo measuring using the Savaria PS4D system to guarantee a perfect fit. They may even use the system to create a 3D image so you can see how it will look on your stairs before you buy!

Savaria Stairlift Home Assessment

Custom manufacturing

Using inputs from PS4D, a computer-aided drawing is created by Savaria for production at our North American manufacturing facility, where stairlift rails are custom made to the precise dimensions of your home to give you a smooth ride.

Savaria Stairlift Custom Manufacturing 2


Your authorized Savaria Home Access dealer will return to your home to install your curved stairlift. The installation usually takes less than a day. They will also review basic operation to be sure you’re comfortable using your new stairlift.



Find the best stairlift for you. Talk to your local Savaria Home Access expert for a free assessment.

Discover our curved stairlift line-up

No matter how complicated your stairs are, we have a curved stairlift that will suit your home and your lifestyle. We even offer both single-rail and twin-rail systems! All come standard with safety features and battery powered to ensure you can use your stair lift during a power outage. Ask about power upgrade options available on some models to make using your lift even easier.

Talk to your local Savaria Home Access expert for a free, no-obligation assessment and help you pick the best stairlift to enjoy for years to come.

Freecurve Beige Alliance Seat Cream White Rail

Best stairlift for: Spiral, narrow, or steep staircases with limited space

Capacity: 275 lb

Power options: 2-way power swivel, automatic power swivel, active seat, power hinge, power footrest

Outdoor package: No

The top-performing curved stairlift on the market, the Freecurve boasts a unique single-tube design for a smooth, stable ride on even the most complicated staircase. Available in a variety of seat styles and rail color options to match your home décor.

Handicare 4000 Twin-Rail Curved Stairlift With Rail

Best stairlift for: Flexibility

Capacity: 300 lb standard, 350 lb high capacity

Power options: Power footrest, power swivel, power hinge

Outdoor package: Yes

Our twin-railed 4000 offers a sleek, clean appearance with fewer self-support posts than many curved stairlift models. A snug fit to the wall and super-tight track bend makes the best use of space. Ask about custom rail colors and different seat options.

Savaria Stairfriend 23 Twin-Rail Curved Stairlift LSeat

Best stairlift for: Durability and reliability

Capacity: 300 lb standard, 350 lb high capacity

Power options: None

Outdoor package: No

Ride in comfort around curves, landings or changes in direction with the double-railed Stairfriend 23, which can be configured to travel at virtually any angle. Our out-of-the way parking option tucks your chair away from the stairs when not in use.


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