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Best wheelchair lift for: Travel over straight stairs

Capacity: 550 lb

Configuration options: 90-degree or straight-through entry/exit

Outdoor use: Yes. Suitable for gardening zones 6-10 (USA), 5-7 (Canada)

Travel distance: 8" (min) to 80' (max)

Drive: 0.66 hp (0.5 kW)

Platform sizes available (standard):
• 26.5" x 36" (673 mm x 914 mm)
• 30.5" x 49.25" (775 mm x 1250 mm)
• 28.35" x 35.43" (720 mm x 900 mm)
• 28.5" x 44" (724 mm x 1118 mm)

Warranty: 36 months parts. View warranty info.

Savaria Delta Straight Inclined Platform Lift

Simple and affordable accessibility for straight stairs

It’s like a stairlift for your wheelchair! The Savaria Delta is designed to provide easy wheelchair access up and down a straight staircase, either indoors or out. It’s a fantastic retrofit solution, as installation is straightforward and typically requires minimal construction or disruption to your life.

The Delta travels along a modular guide rail system, and when not in use, the unit folds up to a compact 18″, leaving plenty of access to the stairs for others in your household. And battery backup means you’ll still be able to use your wheelchair lift in the event of a power outage.

Commercial wheelchair lift reliability

The Delta platform lift offers durable construction and reliable components that stand up to day-to-day use even in commercial settings. It’s a popular option with churches, schools, restaurants and other public buildings, so you know it will give you years of reliable service in your home.

Because as a global leader in accessibility, every Delta we manufacture for residential use is held up to the same rigorous quality assurance standards we apply to our products intended for commercial applications.

How does the Delta wheelchair lift work?

The Delta travels on sleekly finished rails—standard light grey for indoor applications and stainless steel for outdoor applications—with the drive housed in the system so no machine room is required.

The unit uses constant-pressure buttons and comes with a standard manual folding platform (you can upgrade to power-folding arms and platform if desired) with pendant controls and keyed operation for added security. Standard configurations include straight-through or side (90-degree) entry/exit.

Safety over every step

Safety over every step

The Savaria Delta is designed to keep its passengers safe with features that include:

  • Obstruction sensor system on the platform
  • Non-skid platform with side safety flaps
  • Overspeed governor
  • Manual lowering device
  • Keyed access for call stations
  • Emergency stop button


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