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Best stairlift for: High-capacity accessibility

Capacity: 400 lb

Power options: None

Upgrade options: Commercial package, manual flip-up rail (max capacity 300 lb), rail extension brackets to create no intrusion at top landing

Outdoor package: No

Drive: Rack and pinion

Folded profile: 13.5"

Unfolded profile: 25.5"

Remote controls: Two radio-frequency remotes provided

Warranty: 36 months parts. View warranty info.

Approved for commercial applications where permitted by local code. Consult your Savaria Home Access expert for details.

Savaria K2 Plus Straight Stairlift

Higher capacity? No problem.

Enjoy the freedom of using your whole home without compromising comfort and security. The incredibly robust Savaria K2 Plus stairlift effortlessly carries individuals up to 400 lb for home use with the Plus seat. It’s not just engineered and manufactured to the same standard as our famous commercial accessibility products—it is actually rated for use in public buildings* like places of worship and small offices, so you know it will give you years of service in your home.

You get a quiet, smooth ride from the rack and pinion drive system, and when it’s not in use, the chair lift boasts a 13.5″ profile that leaves lots of room on the stairs.

Your comfort is a priority

Your comfort is a priority

With the K2 Plus, you can choose from two comfortable, durable and easy-to-clean seats. The Plus seat features width-adjustable arms up to 24.25″ wide for a roomier fit and higher weight capacity, while the L seat arms adjust up to 20″ wide (L seat capacity max 350 lb).

The ergonomic toggle controls in the armrest make operating your K2 Plus a breeze, while continuous charging along the rail means your chair lift is always fully charged and ready to go.

Safety is the name of the game

Safety is the name of the game

The K2 Plus stair lift comes with all the safety features you’d expect on such a robust machine:

  • Swivel and lock seat for safer transfer on and off
  • Plus seat option features stronger design to handle transfers from a wheelchair
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Anti-slip footrest
  • Obstacle sensor system on the carriage and footrest to stop the unit if it meets an obstacle
  • LED status light on unit to advise of any issues
  • Continuous charging along the rail so keeping the unit fully charged and ready to go is almost foolproof
  • Overspeed brake on all units and emergency stop button on chair for commercial applications

*Commercial applications are subject to local code requirements. The K2 Plus is limited to a 350 lb capacity for commercial use.

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